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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Are you trying to lose weight but just can’t seem to hit your goals? Do you feel like keeping the weight off that you lost is next to impossible? These are ever-increasing concerns in the US; we are literally dealing with an obesity epidemic. Recent statistics show that over 34 percent of American adults are overweight and another 35 percent of them are obese!

One of the reasons that weight and excess fat are so hard to lose is because of the difficulty in maintaining a healthy diet. Studies indicate that at least 80 percent of your quality of health is directly correlated with what you eat. But what is the right diet for you? Do you need help constructing a perfect diet for your health and weight goals? If the answer to that question is “YES!”, then our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program may be the solution you’re looking for.

Ideal Protein Diet and Program

The Ideal Protein Diet and Program is a scientifically developed program that focuses on increasing fat loss while also avoiding the loss of your lean body mass. The Ideal Protein Program has been developed over the course of 20 years and has eventually become a 4 phased protocol.

This protocol consists of:

Ideal Protein Phase 1

You will receive 1-on-1 weekly coaching from your personal weight loss coach until you have reached your weight loss goal.

Ideal Protein Phase 2

During this phase, your ideal protein foods get lowered to 2 per day. This phase lasts for 2 weeks maximum.

Ideal Protein Phase 3

During this phase, healthy amounts of carbohydrates and healthy fats get reintroduced into your diet. The goal of this phase is to stabilize your weight loss.

Ideal Protein Phase 4

This phase will last as long as you want. You will use the diet coaching you have received from your personal weight loss coach to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.

If you want to stop yo-yo dieting and are interested in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program, please contact us at FIX24 Joint Biomechanics any time! If you want more clarification of the Ideal Protein Program, take a look at our Personalized Shopping Page.

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