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Phoenix Chiropractor for Cervical Stenosis Treatment

Do you think you or a family member may be suffering from cervical stenosis? You should probably start thinking about getting some therapy for cervical stenosis if you haven’t already. Here is a more in-depth explanation of this troublesome spine condition:

What is cervical stenosis?

Cervical stenosis is a condition that is characterized by a narrowing of the spinal cord in the cervical area of the spine, located in the neck and upper back. This pressure on the spinal cord causes a variety of different physical symptoms:

Cervical Stenosis Symptoms

Cervical stenosis symptoms can be quite worrisome. They include:

Maintain a healthy diet and weight

Pain in the neck and upper back

Numbness, tingling and/or clumsiness in the arms, legs, shoulders, hands, and/or feet

Severe cases can cause organ issues or loss of the function of some body parts

Cervical Stenosis Causes

Cervical stenosis is caused by a biomechanical malfunction in the cervical (C1-C7) part of the spine. These malfunctions can occur due to injuries or trauma but they often are due to excessive neck flexion from the overuse of phones and computers.

If you think you or a loved one are suffering from cervical stenosis, you should contact a qualified chiropractor as soon as possible. If you happen to live in Phoenix, Scottsdale or any other part of the Valley, please feel free to contact us at Fix24 Joint Biomechanics! We would love to start you on a personalized cervical stenosis treatment that is perfect for your neck and back.

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