The Best Diet for Energy and Strength

Sometimes, maintaining energy throughout the day can feel painfully reminiscent of feigning enthusiasm throughout the opening of an underwhelming present under the surveillance of the gift giver. Painful, to the say the least.

The good news is, there are many ways to naturally boost your energy from morning into evening and habits to avoid that might be causing you to crash or reach for unhealthy, high-energy stimulants.

Read our list below to learn about the best diet to keep your energy up all day long.

Here Are The Best Diet Tips for More Energy

Different diets for different people

Let’s start off by establishing that the best food and diet varies from person to person. What works for your coworker’s confusingly long-lasting energy and achieved weight goals might not work for you. Finding a diet that suits your lifestyle and gives you energy can take trial and error, but rest assured you will find the right one if you keep looking (which isn’t so bad, so many delicious bites along the way!)

Nonetheless, some foods and drinks are known to enhance energy in numerous ways. Test out the suggestions below and find out which ones improve your health and energy throughout the days, weeks and hopefully into a sustainable future constructed around long, empowering days.

Add lemon

lemon for more energy

Add lemon to your hot water in the morning or to your glasses of water throughout the day. The lemon adds flavor, making it easier to re-hydrate for those who aren’t in love with the natural taste of water (you are not alone) and add an additional energy boost. Feeling explorative? Add some chia seeds to you iced lemon water and rev up your energy even more.

Less coffee, more often

If you need to stay alert (*personable*) throughout the day, think twice before downing your quadruple espresso before getting into the office. Studies show that if you drink lower doses of caffeine steadily throughout the day, your body is more likely to hold a steady alertness, instead of skyrocketing into a dizzying energy and crashing into headaches and hunger.

Dried fruit and nuts

Dried fruit and nuts for more energy

This is not a push for trail mix, but the classic grab-and-go snack is a staple for good reason. Combining protein-packed nuts with dried fruits (try cranberries or raisins). The dried fruit and nuts combo works by delivering a digestible dose of protein and complex carbs for an energy spike without the ensuing crash. You can achieve this result with a toast (alternative if you prefer) and peanut (or other nuts) butter, too.

Chew peppermint gum

Try it! It’s not just the allure of fresh that will wake up; peppermint stimulates the sense and gives you the energy boost you did to wake up and get through the remainder of the day.

Add iron to your diet

Many people are falling behind in their steps and tasks due to sluggishness and fatigue that is caused by an iron deficiency. Iron is absolutely essential in the body and imperative in making energy. Before taking an iron supplement, find ways to add beans, spinach, or whole-wheat bread to your snacks and meals.

spinach iron for more energy

Remember, the tips above are suggestions and some will work more favorably for certain people’s biological makeup, diet and lifestyle. Try a few and let us know which tips work best for you.

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