There are few different ways that you can schedule an appointment with us at FIX24 Wellness Studio. You can call our Scottsdale office directly at (480) 419 – 1500 to talk to one of our staff members to directly set up an appointment. You can also fill our “Contact Us” form on our website at your convenience and we will contact you back shortly!

The best way to prepare for your appointment and make your time with us as quick and efficient of a process as possible is to fill out your new patient paperwork before you come in. Our new patient paperwork forms are available on our website for you to fill out at your own convenience and reduce your wait time at our clinic!

Fix 24 is not in-network with insurance carriers. However, we do provide various payment options including free easy pay 0% financing. Call our office today to find out more.

Most of our new patients wonder if they will be able to drive after a chiropractic treatment. The answer to that question is “Yes!” Most chiropractic treatments are non-invasive and don’t require the use of any anesthesia or narcotics. These factors allow you to drive away after your therapy as you wish!

Here at FIX24 Wellness Studio, we don’t offer our patients any invasive treatments or surgeries. Our chiropractic practice focuses on homeopathic, non-invasive therapies to help correct your afflictions. If an invasive treatment or surgery is necessary to properly treat your condition, we will recommend you to the proper, qualified specialist.

The length of a chiropractic treatment is completely dependent on the complexity and severity of the condition being treated. Initially, most visits can take up to 30 minutes. However, most follow-up appointments can be even shorter: 5 to 15 minutes. The entire chiropractic treatment program can last several weeks or even months depending on the condition.

All of our chiropractic treatment methods that we use at FIX24 Wellness Studio have been cleared by the FDA (otherwise known as the US Food and Drug Administration). On top of this, in 2017 the FDA started recommending that all physicians need to further incorporate and research chiropractic care into their pain management protocols.

Chiropractors can treat a variety of different neuromuscular conditions and alignment issues in a non-invasive, homeopathic manner. These conditions include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Subluxations
  • Chronic pain syndrome
  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Injuries from Car Accidents
  • Migraines
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Osteoarthritis
  • A variety of other neural, muscular or joint-related conditions

Chiropractic treatment is extremely safe. As a matter of fact, in many ways, chiropractic therapy is one of the safest treatment options available for most neuromuscular, joint or alignment conditions. Dr. Robb & his team utilize non-invasive, homeopathic treatment plans that exhaust every natural therapy possible before having to turn to something more drastic. If you have any questions about the safety of our treatments, please contact us here at FIX24 Wellness Studio.

Not only can children receive chiropractic treatment, but sometimes it is the best treatment option for their medical conditions! A child’s body is subject to a variety of different conditions and injuries as they grow and age. As a matter of fact, they are even subject to great stresses from the time that they are in their mother’s womb! This is why chiropractic care can be so important to help bring their bodies to proper working order.

It is proper to do as much background “research” into a patient’s body before commencing any type of chiropractic treatment program. X-rays are one of the best ways to diagnose any underlying conditions or misalignments in one of the primary underlying systems of the body: the skeletal system.

There is no true standard length of chiropractic treatment because treatment plan specifics are completely dependent on the extent of the medical condition being treated. However, most individual treatment sessions will usually last about 30 minutes, and complete treatment plans for most injuries will last at least 3 to 4 weeks.

Not only is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy, but it is highly advised if the pregnant mother is dealing with some discomfort, bloating or lower back pain. Many pregnant mothers suffer from a combination of these symptoms but don’t get them properly treated.  However, chiropractic care during pregnancy can help relieve these symptoms and get the expecting mother’s body ready to deliver the baby.

Yes, Care Credit is an acceptable form of payment at FIX24 Joint Biomechanics. If you are interested in applying for Care Credit, ask us at your first appointment or call us!

In order to ensure all of our patients receive quality care, we ask all patients to call us 24 hours before a scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule. Cancelling within 24 hours will result in a $25 fee. Cancellations with more than 24 hours notice will have no fee.

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Vasili Spanos
Vasili Spanos
Dr. Robb and Sylvia have met and exceeded my expectations every step of the way for about the last six years. If you are dealing with any type of injury or biomechanical problem anywhere in your body, this is a must stop body shop. He is a fantastic doctor.
I am absolutely thrilled to share my wonderful experience at Fix24. From the moment I completed my new patient consultation with Dr. Robb and Sylvia I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Robb's expertise and knowledge in chiropractic care are outstanding especially taking into account his expertise as an engineer in the Department of Energy. His genuine attention to detail and passion for helping others are evident in every session. He takes the time to listen, thoroughly assesses the problem areas, and then explains the treatment plan in a clear and concise manner. I never felt like I was just another patient; he truly cares about each individual's well-being. Sylvia, Dr. Robb's wife and the backbone of Fix24, contributes greatly to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the clinic. Her professionalism and friendly demeanor create a comfortable environment that immediately puts you at ease. Fix24 itself is a well-designed, open and organized space, created with the patient's comfort in mind. The waiting area is inviting and cozy, and the treatment rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. I especially love the massage tables you lay on just before your adjustments at each appointment. I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Robb for over a year now, and the results have been astounding. My profession is demanding on my body and I have over the past decade been developing a hunch in my back. Not only have my chronic back and neck pain significantly decreased, but my overall posture and mobility have improved dramatically. Dr. Robb's adjustments are gentle and effective, providing long-lasting relief and promoting overall wellness. What truly sets Fix24 apart is the comprehensive approach they take to chiropractic care. Dr. Robb and Sylvia emphasizes the importance of postural correction, exercise, and a holistic lifestyle. Their expertise combined with their dedication to educating patients ensures a sustainable and long-lasting improvement in one's well-being. Overall, I cannot recommend Fix24 enough. If you're looking for a chiropractor who delivers outstanding results, a warm and welcoming environment, and a comprehensive approach to your health, Fix24 is the place to go! -Dr. C. Turner
Susan Duthie
Susan Duthie
A big thank you to Dr. Robb and Sylvia at FIX24! After weeks of traveling I found myself left with 9 out of 10 constant cervical pain, being new to the area I knew I didn't have time to mess around so I went right to the best. Dr. Robb's approach is clear, specific and efficient and in a short time I recovered fully. I have been on a maintenance restorative plan since, able to incorporate a heavy workout regime and rarely experience discomfort. Sylvia and staff are very accommodating with scheduling and the office is always an upbeat environment to visit.
Wally West
Wally West
I had severe lower back pain, and had been to 3 other Chiropractors over the course of a year, each claiming they could correct my severe nerve pinching pain, when it in fact they made it worse. I received a recommendation to go to Dr. Rob as ‘he simply works’. Hearing this claim before, the person explained to me more how Dr Rob and Biomechanics of the spine work (why twisting and cracking do not). I scheduled an exam and consult with Dr Rob where he diagnosed my issue and advised it could be corrected. Not only did he correct my back pain, but he also corrected a shoulder injury, foot injury, and neck injury I obtained over time . Dr Rob and his staff are the best (flexible, friendly, accommodating) and I have never been more thankful for his help in eliminating my pain issues.
Thomas Powers
Thomas Powers
I went to FIX24 in February of this year on the advice of a friend. I had been to three other chiropractors and had no good results. I had pain down my right leg and could not sleep more than 2-3hrs without getting up to walk around. Dr. Robb told me what the issue was and how long it would take to resolve it. He delivered, and I can’t even begin to explain how well I feel now. Literally life changing! He has a great method and everything about the experience was well worth it. Thank you so much!
I went to Dr. Robb after experiencing numbness in my neck, shoulder and arm while recovering from an earlier surgery. After 4 months of treatments I'm feeling 100% better. Thank you!
Tonia Dudley
Tonia Dudley
After many years and many other chiropractors- Dr Robb finally fixed me! I have more days without pain than days I do!! ❤️
Tyler Richmond
Tyler Richmond
I have suffered from pain stemming from a leg length difference for half my life. Dr. Robb is THE only Doctor that has actually sought to discover and fix my problem, rather than simply putting a Band-Aid on it. My entire family goes to this clinic because it is the best bar none. The unfortunate truth is that most Chiropractic practices only focus on the feel good, crack your whole body up and down type of thing. I have experienced this too many times. Dr. Robb on the other hand uses biomechanics and his knowledge of engineering to look at your body like a machine. If one or multiple parts are out of whack, it is going to effect your structure, function, and motion. I was absolutely amazed to see how certain vertebrae in my spine being out of alignment were directly linked to other issues I have. I had no idea they were even connected. You can stop your search for help right here, you have found the best. Dr. Robb and Sylvia at FIX24 could quite literally change your life for the better. They certainly did for me and the rest of my family. We can't thank them enough.
Genia Kehayes
Genia Kehayes
So happy I was referred to Dr. Robb ! My first appointment was a review of my back issues, and included X-Rays. Dr. Robb then developed a comprehensive, custom treatment plan based on the findings from the exam. The empathy and care I experience at FIX24 is outstanding. Sylvia is wonderful to work with and so helpful in scheduling appointments that fit into my busy schedule. I had been in pain for a long time, and I am feeling so much better since I've started going to FIX24.

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