“I am very thankful for Dr. Robb. I have never felt this good!”

– Jay Gibbons

“Thanks for keeping me in good shape for the LPGA Tour!”

– Julietta Grenada

“This patient came into my office suffering from low back pain and digestion issues. As the daughter of two medical doctors, she was about to undergo experimental surgery on her low back at the young age of 23. After completing an intensive treatment plan at FIX24, she no longer suffers from low back pain or digestion issues. As an added bonus, she even lost some weight she had been trying to lose as the result of a full functioning digestive system.”

“I had been suffering with pain in my upper back muscles. Whenever I would work out the muscles would tighten and knot and cause discomfort. I had to stop working out; I was also experiencing pain at work and with other daily activities. I tried several remedies from Acupuncture, massage, electronic stimulus and other chiropractors. I was referred to Dr. Robb from a friend who is a client of Dr. Robb. She convinced me that he was different then all other chiropractors out there. So I decided to go in for a consultation. Now after treating with Dr. Robb I am back to working out and feeling much better. Absolutely no regrets in making the investment in the FIX24 System, it was a great decision. Thank you Dr. Robb and staff for being so wonderful.”

– Alan

“I had been going to my family doctor for pains in my knee and hip. At night when I laid down to go to sleep the pain would be so bad I couldn’t sleep. So I was taking real high doses of Imbuprogin every night in order to get some sleep. My doctor sent me to have an MRI, and then an EEG and knee x-rays and the x-rays showed nothing in those areas. The doctor was looking for arthritis and was not looking for miss alignment in my back. I had met a lady in my water aerobics class that had been going to Dr. Robb and said how he had helped her so much. So I thought I would give it a shot. Dr. Robb did a full body x-ray and went over the x-rays with me, showing me where my problems were in my back. After discussing with him in the procedures that he uses I decided to go for it. He explained the FIX24 System and it made sense to me on how it could help my problem. I am now sleeping without any pills at night and without pain.”

– Betty

“After experiencing Dr. Robb’s FIX24 System, I have been able to dance without pain and go about normal daily activities without hurting. With Scoliosis, it is hard to do anything physical without being in pain. As a competitive dancer, that was an issue, but thanks to Fix24 I can do all strenuous physical activities and no back pain! Dancing is pain free again! Thank you Fix24.”

– Elizabeth

“A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Robb almost 10 years ago. Just meeting Dr. Robb told me that he wasn’t a “typical” chiropractor and he really cared about your concerns. I used to take prescription medications for headaches. I no longer have these headaches and have learned how to care for my spine so it can take care of my whole body. Dr. Robb has treated my children and my husband as well. We are a family of believers now! I cannot express all of the gratitude that I have for Dr. Robb and his expert care. He truly cares for your whole body by keeping your spine healthy! Thank you Dr. Robb!!”

– Valerie

Our Patient Reviews

spinal stenosis chiropractor

“Dr. Robb is very honest and best physician I ever worked with. He helped me with my recovery after surgery. I would recommend him to anyone that has any back or shoulder pain.”
– Daniela M

“Dr. Robb and staff are very professional and have changed my life. I was in a lot of pain and his way of adjusting is by far the best I’ve ever received. I feel like I have my life back.”
– Barb F.

“Sylvia is fantastic. I appreciate her help with the Ideal Protein Diet.”
– Daniel M.

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