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Dr. Michael J. Robb AAS BA DC

Before establishing himself as a leader in the world of natural wellness, Dr. Michael Robb worked for the U.S. Department Of Energy in the field of nuclear engineering. Dr. Robb was qualified to hold the nations highest security clearance and was trained in the production of nuclear weapons for our nation’s defense. Dr. Robb eventually transitioned into healthcare.

Driven by passion and the need to revive structural healthcare, Dr. Robb studied a unique form of Chiropractic called, the Gonstead technique. He was trained at the world-renowned Gonstead Clinic. It was there where he studied one of the most challenging forms of chiropractic biomechanics that was founded by engineering principles. After graduating college, Dr. Robb partnered his first clinic and eventually opened three more clinics where his technique of biomechanical work became more and more infused with engineering principles learned while working for the Department Of Energy.

Eventually, Dr. Robb opened his fifth clinic in Scottsdale and called it FIX24 Joint Biomechanics. This is where he developed and practiced his new system called “The FIX24 System”. It has best been described as “Advancing the art of chiropractic with the science of engineering”. Dr. Robb has developed a certification course and is currently in the process of launching The FIX24 System to the world.

The practice exploded with patients suffering heart, digestive, reproductive and other health problems which are often referred from the medical profession. Dr. Robb’s system began to take notice. In 2018, FIX24 was nominated and won top clinic by Paradise Valley publication and Dr. Robb was latter featured as a health motivator in the same magazine.

Dr. Robb has also authored a book called ‘Rehab With Dr. Robb’, which is focused on ‘at home’ and ‘at office’ physical therapy exercises which he has shared with companies, churches and independent living facilities and support groups that incorporate his program. In his second book, ‘The Health Mechanic’ he talks about the health crisis in America and discusses the natural approach to spinal stenosis.

Dr. Robb has been interviewed on FOX News, ABC, NBC, AZ TV 7, and Channel 3, KTAR Radio and published articles in several industry health magazines. Many of which can be seen on his youtube channel, FIX24 by Dr. Michael J. Robb.

Dr. Robb is passionate about teaching people how to restore and protect joint bio-mechanics and improve life. He and his team are dedicated to help those who have lost their health and to scale a solution just as an engineer would!

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Sylvia Robb

Sylvia Robb studied Biology at The University of Windsor in Canada. She later studied chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, GA. Sylvia has been involved with opening up chiropractic offices with her husband Dr. Robb for 19 years. Sylvia recently assisted Dr. Robb in opening up their 5th clinic, FIX24 Wellness Studio, in Scottsdale, AZ. Sylvia now manages patient relationships at FIX24 and is passionate about helping patients overcome health issues related to spinal stenosis. She loves boxing and going to Barre classes…..and loves being a mom to her two kids, Dario and Natalia.

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