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Ankle pain can be caused by mechanical stress in the lumbar (lower) spine, which suffers more habitual strain than any other area of the body, due to the nature of the human lifestyle.

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Ankle Pain Symptoms

Mild discomfort to severe pain
Inability to bear weight on ankle
Associated lower back pain

Ankle Pain Causes

Lower (lumbar) spine stress caused by lifestyle or injury
Improper exercise
Poor sleeping positions
Excessive sitting
Injury (such as sprain or break)
Arthritis and other related medical issues
Joint infection
Nerve damage
Blocked blood vessels

Ankle Pain Treatment

Elevate affected ankle
Ice ankle for 20 minutes at a time
Avoid weight-bearing activities
Wrap ankle to compress inflammation
Spinal therapy

Therapy for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is commonly associated with stress in the lumbar spine. Spinal treatments can effectively reduce pain and get patients back on their feet in optimal health by reducing strain on the lower spine and surrounding nerves.

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