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Herniated and Bulging Disc Treatment

Bulging discs and other types of disc injuries are quite common. Yet, for some reason, many people in need of a bulging disc treatment continue to suffer from their pain needlessly. They tend to push it off for as long as possible until they need significant corrective action like surgery. However, with the care of the FIX24 System early, bulging discs and other disc injuries can be successfully treated and even reversed back to their correct alignment. The FIX 24 System has successfully treated issues related to spinal stenosis.

Treatment for Bulging Discs

Gel-like pads called intervertebral discs lie between each of your vertebrae. These discs work as shock absorbers and allow movement throughout your upper body and backbone. Injuries to these pads can cause a variety of issues such as:

Herniated discs

This condition occurs when an intervertebral disc is ruptured, and the gel is pushed out unnaturally. This can cause extreme pain and irritation.

Protruding discs

This condition occurs when the discs are asymmetrical and pushed out in different places. This usually causes the nerve roots in these locations to be irritated.

Disc extrusions

This condition is one of the worst types of injuries that can happen to an intervertebral disc. They occur when the gel breaks off from the disc completely. This usually results in severe back pain that impinges the patient’s movement considerably.

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