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Help and Care for Colicky Baby in Phoenix

Do you have a colicky baby? Then you know how troubling this condition can be. A colic baby seems to constantly cry for no reason, or at least not one that can be identified by their parents or other family members. Nobody likes to see a baby cry, but it is even more frightening when you can’t figure out what’s bothering them. Luckily, and perhaps surprisingly, some of the best colic baby help can come from a qualified and professional chiropractic clinic.

Colicky Baby Help

What are typical colic symptoms in babies? Constant and uncontrollable crying is the most identifiable symptom of colic in babies. Colic most often afflicts them when they are newborn and up to 3 months old. For a baby to be officially considered colic, they must cry for at least three weeks, for three hours a day for at least three days a week. A colicky baby also has a tendency to cry during the later times of the day.

Initially, it was thought that a colic baby was crying due to troubles with indigestion. However, after much research, it was found that often a colic baby was actually suffering from a variety of other conditions such as headaches or back/neck issues. Most of these conditions can be treated right at their root causes with the help of a family chiropractor.

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