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Phoenix Treatment for High Blood Pressure Relief

Do you or anyone you know suffer from high blood pressure? Unfortunately, high blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension, is all too common nowadays. It is estimated that over 85 million Americans suffer from this condition. That remarkable number suggests that roughly a third of the entire US population over the age of 20 has high blood pressure! If anyone you know is suffering from this condition, you need to get some high blood pressure relief as soon as you can! Let’s take a closer look at this ailment, the symptoms and causes.

High blood pressure symptoms

Most people with high blood pressure do not feel any symptoms at all. However, if symptoms do show they include:


Dizzy spells


Blurry vision

Irregular heartbeats


Difficulty breathing


High blood pressure causes

High blood pressure is caused by a variety of different things. They include:

Genetics and family history



Lack of physical activity

High alcohol, salt and/or fat intake

Biomechanical malfunction in the cervical (C1-C7) part of the spine

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