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Knee pain is characterized by sensitivity, swelling or pain in one or both knees and can be temporary or chronic. Temporary knee pain is typically caused by injury, whereas chronic knee pain has deeper underlying causes and requires treatment to reduce the effect of the symptoms.

Lumber spinal stenosis is often the root source.

The FIX24 System was specifically designed to treat health issues related to spinal stenosis.

Knee Pain Symptoms

Pain in front of the knee
Pain worsened by weight-bearing activities
Sharp, shooting pains during activity
Burning sensation
Constant aching

Knee Pain Causes

Lower (lumbar) spine stress caused by lifestyle or injury
Improper exercise
Poor sleeping positions
Excessive sitting
Overuse of knee
Poor posture in activities and exercise
Chronic inflammation
Meniscus tear
Bone tumor
Neglecting to warm up or cool down properly before/after exercise

Knee Pain Therapy

Knee pain is often linked to mechanical stress in the lumbar spine, making the FIX24 System the best course of action for knee pain treatment.

The FIX24 System effectively relieves pressure and strain on the lower spine and related nerves.

Do you need knee pain relief? Visit FIX24 Joint Biomechanics, where we practice a unique approach to your spinal health based on the principles of engineering of joint biomechanics, nerve function, and organ physiology. Contact us or visit our FAQ page for more commonly asked questions.

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