Have you ever heard of kyphosis? Kyphosis is an unusual looking medical condition that is characterized by a forward rounding of the back. You have probably seen people who suffer from kyphosis throughout your life; many of those suffering from this condition have been jokingly called hunchbacks. While sufferers of kyphosis may have a somewhat comedic nickname, this condition is no laughing matter. Let’s take a closer look at kyphosis.

Kyphosis Symptoms

The primary kyphosis symptom is the physical deformity of the back rounding itself forwards. That is why this condition is somewhat self-diagnosable. Other symptoms of this back condition include:

Back or neck pain
Back or neck stiffness
Limitation of movement
Muscle weakness or instability
Compression fractures

Kyphosis Causes

The primary cause of kyphosis is a biomechanical malfunction in the thoracic (T1-T12) part of the spine.

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