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backpainHave you or any of your loved ones recently noticed a decreased range of motion in any part of the body? We are sorry to hear that; very few things are quite as unsettling as a sudden and unexpected loss of range of motion. The entire body seems to go into a type of shock when a part of it is inhibited for any reason. Let’s take a deeper look at this condition and the range of motion therapy that you may need.

Loss of Range of Motion Symptoms

First of all, it should be noted that every movable joint has a range of motion that it was designed for, to be able to operate. Any time that this natural range is reduced is what characterizes a loss in the range of motion.

The other symptoms that often accompany a limited range of motion include:


Stiffness in the joint and surrounding muscles

Inflammation of the tissues


Loss of Rage of Motion Causes

A decreased range of motion can occur due to a variety of different reasons including certain diseases, physical trauma, or even age-related deterioration of the body. However, for most people, a limited range of motion occurs due to a biomechanical malfunction in the cervical (C1-C7) part of the spine.

If you are suffering from a loss of range of motion, you are going to need the proper range of motion therapy to bring your body back to working order. If you want the best range of motion therapy available in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area, please contact Fix24 Joint Biomechanics as soon as possible, so we can start with the treatment.

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