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Have you or a loved one recently been dealing with shoulder blade pain? It is very easy to forget about this part of the body until it is ailing you. However, once the shoulder (also known as the scapula) is injured, it is obvious how important it is. This is why you are going to want to start the right shoulder blade pain treatment as soon as possible. Let’s take a deeper look at this important yet quite fragile part of the body.

Scapula Pain Symptoms

Scapula pain symptoms include:

Pain in the affected shoulders
Impingement of mobility of the affected shoulders and arms
Numbness and/or shooting pains in the hands

Scapula Pain Causes

Scapula pain can be caused by:

Muscle or joint strains
Arthritis or other bone degenerative disorders

However, the primary cause of most shoulder blade pain is a biomechanical malfunction in the thoracic (T1-T12) part of the spine.

If you are suffering from any type of shoulder pain, you need to seek the proper scapula pain treatment right away. If you need a chiropractor for shoulder blade pain located in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area, please contact Fix24 Joint Biomechanics as soon as possible! We would love to start therapy when you are ready to; call us today, and set up an appointment!

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