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Almost all of us have suffered from some type of stomach indigestion. And we all know how uncomfortable and even painful it can be. However, for most of us, difficulty in digestion is quite temporary. Can you imagine how troublesome this condition could be if you had to deal with it regularly? Well, some people actually have to; let’s take a deeper look at stomach indigestion below.

What are the Symptoms of Indigestion?

Stomach digestion issues cause a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include:

Stomach pain
Burning sensations in your stomach
Excessive acidic tastes in the mouth
Growling/rumbling noises from the belly

What Causes Indigestion?

Stomach indigestion can be caused by overeating, ulcers, IBS, pancreatitis, and stomach infections. However, most stomach indigestions problems are caused by spinal stenosis in the thoracic (T1-T12) part of the spinal cord.

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