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Ringing in Ears – Tinnitus Treatment

Do you constantly hear a buzzing or ringing in your ears? It is quite possible that you might be suffering from tinnitus. 

Cervical spinal stenosis is often the root source.

The FIX24 System was specifically designed to treat health issues related to spinal stenosis.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is more of a collection of symptoms than it is one particular ailment. It is characterized by hearing noises consistently in one or both ears that are not caused by any external stimuli. Tinnitus is quite common; roughly 20 percent of the entire population suffers from it.

Tinnitus – Ringing In Ears Symptoms

Tinnitus symptoms involve hearing one or a collection of noises that are not actually present. These noises are typically described as:





White noise-like roaring

Tinnitus – Ringing In Ears Causes

Since tinnitus describes a collection of symptoms and not just one particular disorder, it can have a variety of different root causes. These causes include:

An ear injury or other types of trauma

Age-related hearing loss

A disorder in the biomechanics of the cervical (C1-C7) part of the vertebrae

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