What Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancies are a life-changing moment in a couple’s life. Pregnancy is physically, mentally, and spiritually transformative experiences for most families. This doesn’t mean that pregnancies don’t often come with various types of health problems.

Are you or a loved one going through pregnancy now? Then you guys might already be experiencing some of these health complications!

However, there is probably no need to get really worked up. Remember that these health issues are usually temporary and that there are many effective treatments to help reduce your symptoms without negatively affecting the growing baby. One of the most common complaints women have when carrying a baby to term is the occurrence of back pain during pregnancy. In these cases, mothers need to seek the help of a pregnancy chiropractor

How Common Is Back Pain During Pregnancy?

While you might feel alone in your struggle against backaches during pregnancy, we are here to assure you that these painful sensations are actually quite common. As a matter of fact, most pregnant women report experiencing some type of pain in their backs sometime during their term. On top of this, back pain during pregnancy seems to become more pronounced and common during the last four or five months of a typical nine-month term.

How Common Is Back Pain During Pregnancy

What Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy?

For most women, back pain during pregnancy is primarily noted around the sacroiliac joint, the region in your back where the pelvis and spine meet.

There are several reasons why pain and discomfort can be stemming from this area when you are carrying a growing baby.

These reasons include:

  • Changes in posture

Postural changes occur in almost every pregnancy as your baby starts to shift your own center of gravity. As your center of gravity becomes altered, you may consciously or unconsciously start shifting your posture to compensate for the changes in and on your body. This can cause a great deal of back strain and pain.

  • Gain in body weight

Most women gain roughly 25 to 35 pounds during a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, the back and spine have to handle and support this extra weight. On top of this, the weight of the growing uterus and baby add more pressure to the nerves in the back and pelvis.

  • Changes in hormones

A hormone known as relaxin is naturally released in a woman’s body as she goes through pregnancy. This particular hormone is designed to allow the joints and ligaments in the lower back and pelvic area to become looser, in order to prepare the body for the upcoming birth.

However, the relaxin hormone can cause instability and pain in the back due to its loosening effect on supporting joints and ligaments.

  • Separation of muscles

Uteral expansion during pregnancies can cause parallel sheets of muscle that cover the area from the rib cage to the pelvis to separate. The damage to these sheets of muscle, known as the rectal abdominis muscles, can cause pronounced back pain.

  • Overall stress

While pregnancies are a wonderful experience, they can cause a great deal of stress. Any type of emotional stress has the capability to cause mild to severe muscle tension, especially in the back area. This stress-related muscle tension can manifest as back spasms or back pain.

If you or a loved one is suffering from backaches during pregnancy, you will need to seek the proper treatment in order to alleviate these common pains.

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