Effective Spinal Stenosis Exercises for Pain Relief

Back pain affects millions of people all around the world. The number one reason, based on our 20 years of biomechanical research and observation from an engineering perspective, is excessive flexion. 

Spinal stenosis is the number one condition that causes significant pain, particularly in the lower back region. Spinal stenosis is initiated by mechanical misalignment that leads to the narrowing of the spinal openings where the spinal nerve roots exit the spinal cord. This causes compression of the spinal nerve roots. 

It is most often caused by trauma or the basic law of entropy. All mechanical things tend toward disorder, including the spinal biomechanics. Bending forward or looking down initiates the process of retrolisthesis (backward misalignment of the vertebra), and that’s the reason for the epidemic of back disabilities.

Spinal stenosis can be very uncomfortable, causing pain, tingling, and numbness in the legs, along with lower back pain and unsteady gait. Impinged nerves can also lead to physiological problems with organ function, including erectile dysfunction, prostate enlargement, bloating and IBS, and bladder and kidney problems. 

FIX24 Joint Biomechanics in Scottsdale, AZ, has developed a unique system that involves biomechanical analysis, the identification of spinal stenosis and the successful treatment with measurable outcomes, all based upon the principles of mechanical engineering. 

The first of its kind, where thousands of patients have successfully recovered from the detrimental effects of spinal stenosis. FIX24 Joint BioMechanics, which focuses on orthopedic injuries, has found a major way to help minimize the symptoms associated with spinal stenosis.

Standing Lumbar Flexion

Standing lumbar flexion, which is most commonly advised by physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and weekend warriors, is absolutely the worst thing you can do as a stretch. 

In fact, our radiological research indicates that this is the very reason people initiate spinal stenosis. 

The number one mechanism of injury that we have seen in our 23 years of practice and over 35 thousand cases is that the patient was bending forward and twisting to lift or pull something.

Sustained Lumbar Extension

The most effective spinal stenosis exercises, sustained lumbar extensions, can free up some extra space for your lumbar nerves, relieving back pain over time. 

For this exercise, lie on a large therapy ball on your back, try to relax, and take deep breaths and hold the stretch for 5 minutes. 

Another important exercise is using a foam roller. Place a foam roller against a wall or the ground, put your back against it and roll up and down. The use of lumbar support pillows is also a great way to keep the spinal vertebra pushed forward. After all, it’s called lumbar support because it supports the spinal vertebrae forward in their natural seated position away from the nerves!

When to Get Help for Spinal Stenosis

While exercises for spinal stenosis can be beneficial, it is important to know that mechanical problems need mechanical solutions. Medications may buy you some temporary relief but biomechanical sound treatment based upon engineering principles is the key to preserving your mechanical spine. You can’t resolve mechanical problems with chemistry!

The FIX24 System (aka FIX24) is an effective way to treat and manage spinal stenosis.

FIX24 focuses on joint biomechanics, nerve function, and organ physiology, analyzing, measuring, and restoring joint mechanical function without rotational manipulation of the spine.

The FIX24 system can help restore your quality of life through an innovative approach that bypasses injections and surgical procedures. Through the FIX24 System, we focus on structural restoration and biomechanical maintenance so that you can return to your routine without pain.

Get Help With Your Spinal Stenosis in Scottsdale

At FIX24 Joint Biomechanics, we utilize cutting-edge mechanical engineering methods to treat and restore your body to optimum performance. If you’re struggling with back pain, shoulder pain, or the symptoms of spinal stenosis, we encourage you to reach out to learn more about our services. We can walk you through our treatment options and help get you back on the path to health and wellness.

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