What Is a Vestibular Migraine and How Long Does It Last?

Most of us have had some experience with being dizzy — when we were spun around by a loved one or while playing on a carousel at a park. However, these dizzy spells disappeared after a few minutes, and the normal equilibrium recovered quite quickly.

But, what if the dizzy spells didn’t simply subside after a few moments? Could you imagine what type of torture would that be? Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t have to imagine that, they suffer from uncontrollable dizzy spells and sensations of spinning.

Being uncontrollably dizzy on a consistent basis is one of the WORST feelings that a person can experience. Uncontrollable dizzy spells and the feeling of the room spinning are characteristics of a condition known as vertigo.

Vestibular Migraine and Vertigo

Vertigo is actually more of a collection of symptoms centered around dizziness and balance problems more than it is an actual condition. This means that there can be a variety of different root causes when a person is suffering from regular fits of vertigo.

Have you ever heard of a vestibular migraine? Vestibular migraines are one of the least understood causes of vertigo. Modern medicine has traditionally thought that these types of migraines were quite rare. However, the most recent research seems to indicate that vestibular migraines may be more common than health professionals have realized.


What Is a Vestibular Migraine?

A vestibular migraine is a medical condition that is characterized by balance disturbances, dizzy spells, and other vertigo-like symptoms in conjunction with more typical migraine symptoms (such as intense pain, sensitivity to sound and light, and visions of aural effects).

These type of migraines are caused by a disturbance to a part of the ear called the vestibule (hence the name of the condition). The vestibule is a part of the ear that is critical to controlling your balance and equilibrium. That is why these migraines cause such devastating vertigo symptoms.

How Common Are Vestibular Migraines?

Vestibular migraines first gained some notoriety in the public sphere when Janet Jackson had to cancel a worldwide music tour in 2008 due to these migraines. Before this little blip on the radar, these type of migraines were rarely mentioned in the news.

However, since then research has been conducted to illustrate that vestibular migraines are much more common than anyone thought before. It is now currently estimated that about one percent of the entire worldwide human population suffers from vestibular migraines.

How Long Does Vestibular Migraine Last?

Vestibular migraines can last for a decent amount of time but usually not much longer than a week. As a matter of fact, most vestibular migraines have a tendency to last between 5 minutes to about 72 hours. Knowing that there will be an end to each painful episode should give you some minor sense of respite if you regularly suffer from these type of migraines.

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